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Sept 24th-26th



Orders for clothing is now available, including the long awaited ladies vests….Yay!

Other merchandise (key fobs, stickers and patches etc) will be posted out on the 15th of every month.


Event info

Useful info about the Spring Meet Better Late Than Never Rally 2021 It is at Silton Village hall, Church Road, Silton, Dorset sp8 5prWhat 3 Words is; stretcher.november.dopedEntry is subject to a temperature check before you get a wristband- over 38 and you will be expected to do a LFT on site. No temp check, …

Band swap

Latest update from the MBRĀ  Chaos Crew What a bleeding kerfuffle! Navajo Dogs have lost a band member and can no longer do the gig. Soooooooo…..King Louie (bless ’em) are now doing Saturday night and Friday is gonna be pretty Shonky. But hey, this is the Matt black Rat where ricocheting from one crisis to …