The MBR admin team are gutted to announce that we are going to have to POSTPONE the Spring Meet due to circumstances way out of our control. We have been busy trying our hardest to work a way round this but yesterday it came to a head when a final blow felled us. That, along with the possibility of a ban on public meetings, a duty of care for everyone’s health and safety and the fact that if we lose the set up money it may die forever, we felt we had no choice. It WILL happen just not on the original date so we will keep you all posted on a new date. Again the admin team apologise for this and ask everyone to bear with us and we’ll do our best to make sure you party harder at the new revised spring(ish) meet.

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April 3rd-5th




Please note: Orders for clothing are available for pickup ONLY from the MBR Spring Meet.  After this clothing will be available and posted later in the year.

Cutoff date for clothing was 8th March 2020

Other merchandise (key fobs, stickers and patches etc) will be posted out on the 15th of every month.

MBR Spring Meet 2019

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