Band swap

Latest update from the MBR  Chaos Crew

What a bleeding kerfuffle!

Navajo Dogs have lost a band member and can no longer do the gig. Soooooooo…..King Louie (bless ’em) are now doing Saturday night and Friday is gonna be pretty Shonky. But hey, this is the Matt black Rat where ricocheting from one crisis to the next is what we do. 

I think I need a lie down with a large bottle of JD. *sigh*

After being let down at the 11th hour by Gillingham RFC we have now had word that Farcue have bailed on us also.

Fortunately, thanks to our intrepid and tenacious admin team we have a new venue. No bar but hey, most bikers bring their own anyway, and it’s not often you are actually encouraged to bring your  booze.

Plugster and his band Dr Alibi have stepped in to fill the hole left by Farcue…(fnurk)