Event info

Useful info about the Spring Meet Better Late Than Never Rally 2021

It is at Silton Village hall, Church Road, Silton, Dorset sp8 5pr
What 3 Words is; stretcher.november.doped
Entry is subject to a temperature check before you get a wristband- over 38 and you will be expected to do a LFT on site. No temp check, no wristband, no entry. Sanitiser stations will be available, please use them.
Entry donations; (all profits to Air Ambulance) BP by prior arrangement please.
weekend £15 inc camping and bands.
one night £8 inc camping and bands.
One evening without camping £4
Daylight only visitors; by donation straight into the Air Ambulance bucket.
The admin team have a “ratcrew” patch on if you need help grab one of them.
Food van is a bit basic but caters for veggie and gluten free. Anyone with major food intolerances and is struggling, see the admin team for help
Nearest supermarkets; Wincanton (Lidl Co op and Morrisons) 4 miles. Gillingham ( Lidl, Aldi, Asda Waitrose) 3 miles. Village shop (food,booze, petrol) brisk walk of 3/4 mile. Nearest pubs; The White Lion (left out of the gate, left again, straight on at the crossroads) 1/3 mile. The Bell and Crown, Zeals (left out of the gate, left again, right at the crossroads) 1 mile.
Music will have stop at 11pm. the 92 year old lady whose cottage backs onto the hall (she still has a door from her kitchen into it) may be deaf but she isn’t daft and knows the music licence only runs to 11.
No bar on site as such so BYO but there may well be excess personal supplies that can be exchanged for winning raffle tickets and before anyone bitches, a TEN has been applied for.
The rally opens at 12pm on Friday the 24th- please don’t turn up before that without a prior arrangement. We can’t get on site until that morning so we will be setting up. There is no camping available on Thursday night.
We have to be off site altogether by12pm on Sunday 26th to make way for a dog show that day. If you can get off site before that the lady would be really grateful because they double booked us and she needs to get on site to set up. If you want to stay, they are doing teas and it is in aid of the German Shepherd Rescue. Stragglers will have a leash put on and be lead around the ring by the loud Welsh woman.

Band swap

Latest update from the MBR  Chaos Crew

What a bleeding kerfuffle!

Navajo Dogs have lost a band member and can no longer do the gig. Soooooooo…..King Louie (bless ’em) are now doing Saturday night and Friday is gonna be pretty Shonky. But hey, this is the Matt black Rat where ricocheting from one crisis to the next is what we do. 

I think I need a lie down with a large bottle of JD. *sigh*

After being let down at the 11th hour by Gillingham RFC we have now had word that Farcue have bailed on us also.

Fortunately, thanks to our intrepid and tenacious admin team we have a new venue. No bar but hey, most bikers bring their own anyway, and it’s not often you are actually encouraged to bring your  booze.

Plugster and his band Dr Alibi have stepped in to fill the hole left by Farcue…(fnurk)

MBR Spring Meet 2021

MBR Spring Meet. The bad news, we’ve had the rug pulled out, chucked in the bin and set on fire by the miserable scrotes at Gillingham RFC. But the good news is, after having flailed around in a state of panic we have found a perfect site just 3 miles down the road. No bar but no biggie, as we are surrounded by supermarkets, have a local village shop and a most excellent pub just up the road. Hopefully this will be the last amended poster for this year’s MBR.
Hope you can all make it.